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A critique of a research article called: More than ‘just play’: picking out three dimensions of a balanced early years pedagogy.

To exploring the methodological issues arising from one published academic paper that reports on empirical research.

Word Count: over 2000 words in British English, and please follow the APA Referencing and use more than 10 references.

Structure of this critical methodological review should be:

1. Introduction

2. Research questions

3. Research approach

4. Research design

5. Sample strategy

6. Data collection methods

7. Strengths and weaknesses of the methods used

8. Data analysis and presentation

9. Ethical implications

10. Trustworthiness and validity

11. Conclusion

I have upload the article that need to critique, and the example of an article critique which can help you understand how to write a critique of a research article . Also provided a slides and guidance notes for critiquing a reading.

Please finish it in time, thanks in advance!!

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