a century of dishonor

A Century of Dishonor Primary Source Analysis # Helen Hunt Jackson was a woman who became an activist who stood up for Native Americans and their rights. She displayed her concerns by writing novels and short stories. A Century of Dishonor is one of Jackson’s most well knows articles. This document seems as though its intention was to question the government s’ rules and regulations that concerned Native Americans. She challenged polices that were created and promises that were made by the government.

She also provided documents such as birth and death certificates to prove the allegations that she made. Jackson’s included how the Indian’s could not receive citizenship in the United States. Jackson shares that it is very important to grant the Indian’s citizenship. The government grants everyone the right’s of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Without citizenship the Indians will not have this. I believe this point is proven by the line that states “so long as they are not citizens of the United States, their rights of property must remain insecure of invasion. Jackson also discusses how the Indian’s are entitled respect by everyone but receive none. This document shares how Indian’s are victims of crimes such as killings and robberies. If an Indian was to commit a crime against a person of European descent, it would be plastered for everyone to see while the hatred crimes toward the Indian’s remain unsolved. This document was viewed by many people and some congratulated her and others talked down about the document. The real response she was hoping for from the government did not happen.

I believe the response she wanted included Congress taking action and investigating the allegations made. Witnessing the Native Americans have the right to become citizens in the United States, would have also been the response Jackson was seeking. This document serves educational and gives an insight to readers on the treatment received by the Native Americans. I believe future congressmen should look at this document and know what not to do. They should also make sure the Native American’s of today’s society are receiving the proper treatment.

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