You have been asked by the Borough Commander to prepare a briefing note that will be presented at the next local community consultative group. The group, chaired by the Council, consists of local representatives and stakeholders who meet quarterly to discuss local crime and anti social issues in the area and set a strategic plan to deal with them.

You are to devise a tactical neighbourhood-policing plan that addresses local crime and anti-social behaviour problems on the North Ferry Estate in a run-down area of Putney (fictitious), set against the challenges of police spending cuts. The main crime and anti-social behaviour problems you need to address consist of, low level drug dealing and use, “broken windows issues” such as vandalism, groups of rowdy young people, graffiti and finally, shoplifting that is causing harm to local businesses. Note all of these points are making the area undesirable.

You may address all or some of the issues, e.g. shoplifting, drug dealing and illegal drug taking, broken windows, other kinds of vandalism, littering and graffiti.

When considering your plan, take into account what if any model of policing model you’ll use and explain briefly why you’ve chosen that model. Remember to use other stakeholders and partners. 

The details given in the scenario are all fictitious.

Any ‘broken window (antisocial behaviour)’ statistics can be made up as the location is also a made up place.

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