I’m trying to learn for my Philosophy class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Speech is on:


5 step model

You will have 5 minutes to provide an analysis of your case study. This has to be a video presentation. You can use visual aids such as powerpoint, prezi, etc, but you don’t need to, I think actually it would not be necessary. No external videos please.

I would like you to think about your case study in the following way using the five step model of analysis:

1. Respond to the “sense” or feeling that something is wrong

2. Gather information/assessment

3. Identify the ethical problem/moral diagnosis: for this particular section I would like you to identify what ethical principles does this case study involve; what are the conflicts, if any between principles?

4. Seek a resolution.

5. Work with others to determine a course of action. (In this case, you will not work with others, since it is an individual project, however, it really is the best way to resolve ethical dilemmas)


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