I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.

Consider what you have learned from this course regarding stress (chronic and acute) and coping approaches.

What makes the covid19 pandemic amenable to various coping styles? Discuss each one in relation to covid19. What (if anything) do you plan to incorporate into your coping “toolbox”? How have you coped with the stressors related to covid19 and what if anything do you plan to change?

I expect you to make 2 postings. One posting that addresses the questions above and one posting that provides a thoughtful, respectful, and intelligent response to another student’s posting. So, you’d be making 2 contributions for each discussion question (1 pt each). An appropriate posting would be at the very least 4-5 sentences long. You’ll need to make 1 posting before you can see what your colleagues in the class have posted.


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