21st century and rizal

Rizal course or subject

Its relevance to the 21st century socio-economic and political situation of the country

From the R. A. 1425, it was stated in the law that the entire student having their bachelorette degree should take the subject Rizal. Rizal subject is a must or compulsory to be studied. A student cannot graduate if he/she could not pass the subject Rizal. We all know that Rizal is our National Hero, yes, we know that fact, but we must know also how Rizal become our national hero. Rizal is the reason why we enjoy our life today. He suffers his life for our freedom.

Happenings on the 21st century are just like a nightmare to all Filipinos. Filipinos suffers oppression, discrimination, murder, and conspiracy from the Spanish rules. Rizal subject shows or tells everything what happened to our country in the Spanish period. The value of being a religious person, a loving and obedient son to his parents/family, a responsible student, a strong willed individual who stands for his convictions, the one who loves and serves the country are some of the virtues of Rizal that must and should be emphasized in the whole duration of the subject / on the course. . In today’s situation, what constitute social cancer in the Philippines? Give at least 5 serious socio-economic / political problems and discuss each briefly. Philippine is a rich country in terms of its natural resources, but we Filipino abuse those resources. Aside from that we never used those natural resources in good, because of that we suffer unemployment, sex slave, corruption, bus bombing, terrorism, and etc. Unemployment is one of the problems here in our country. Government never tries to do a solution to this problem.

Many Filipinos do crimes, kidnappings, and murders because of their situation. Many Filipino have no job, most offices, always looking for a good one, sometimes they apply for the job that does not suite to his/her course. The result of this problem is that many Filipino are become more and more poor, and the richer becomes the richest always. Life is so unfair. Sex Slave is cause of poverty. Many Filipino do this even though they not meant to do, most especially the women of our country are affected on this activity.

They did this just to have money, to buy foods, to help their families and to buy all their needs in everyday’s life. Corruption is one of the famous jobs of the government of our country. The Republic of the Philippines suffers from widespread corruption. Means of corruption include graft, bribery, misuse, backdoor deals, nepotism, and patronage. Government becomes blind when they have money. Most politicians join in the governance because of the money. They always willing to buy votes when election, because they wanted to win their position they running.

But the truth is that they used the money of the country. How sad to know that thing. In terms of projects of the government, many money and people are involve, and of course corruption is always their. They always kept 10 to 50 percent of the budget that’s why their projects are easily destroyed because of lack budget they used low standard of materials. The latest news for today is the bus bombing here in our country. Our tourism is affected on this crime. Many foreigners are afraid to go here in our country because of this news.

Our government panic for that thing. I don’t know what the real reason why they did is. Many innocent victims are affected. Many lives lost. A big problem to our government. Terrorism is one of the problems here in our country. Many group of people like MILF, Abu Sayaf and NPA are the famous here in country that against the governance. They wanted to have a new government. But they did not success, because of that many crimes are happening too. They killing people, kidnap, and sometimes murder exist. Grabbing things and also bombing they did. . Write an essay on the possibility or the impossibility of Rizal becoming a successful politician. The ‘Hope of Fatherland” is what we called to Rizal. Rizal had always the good of his country at heart before anything else. He always thinks for our freedom from the Spanish rules. He is willing to help people. He shares his ideas and thoughts. Rizal thinks not only for himself but for the goodness of everybody. He fights for our freedom and that’s what we taste right now. Without him we don’t know what kind of Government we have right now.

He is not a self-centered person and he never thought of himself when fighting for freedom and righteousness. Rizal is true hero and a successful politician ever. He has the love of a true Filipino that we cherished him. Rizal is patriotic one. He suffers his life for our happiness. And even he died I know that he is happy right now, because of what happened to our country. We are free. And Rizal becomes the Best Politician in our country. Our country in his hand becomes joyful and progress always there.

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