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125 words each, with at least two references each.

One: Accountability means being obligated to answer questions, accepting, and being responsible for making decisions (Brinkerhoff, 2003). Nonprofit organizations are equally accountable to the organization and community they aim to serve. Adapting methods that suit the organization is vital as long as it complies with laws, regulations. Brinkerhoff (2003) states, “Accountability enhancing strategies can focus on: reducing abuse, assuring compliance with procedure/standards, and improving performance/learning.” HCO board members have the responsibility to ensure that quality service is provided, financial stability, and growth. Additionally, HCO and the board of directors should implement strategies for reaching out to the greater community to increase visibility while obtaining viable information that will help with the delivery of change. Communicating well with stakeholders regarding performance and organizational expectations requires transparent processes (Knickman & Kovner, 2019, p. 354). Thus, board members who are keen on advocating for and protecting the organization’s goals and mission are key to ongoing success.

Two: Jonas et al. (2019) states that health care organizations (HCOs) obtain inputs from society, such as workers and medical devices, and add value, such as treatments, to make unhealthy people healthy again or to keep people healthy. Patient care and getting them feeling better is the number one concern of health care organizations. Most nonprofits are regulated by the state in which the organization was founded. Nonprofit boards are often self-perpetuating: that is, the existing board members select new members when opening arise (Jonas et al. (2019). When it comes to being accountable in the health care system, it is the boards responsibility to make decisions that will be in the best interest of the stakeholders. Numerous mechanisms of accountability are available to nonprofits, such as greater transparency and disclosure, performance assessment, industry self-regulation, and adaptive learning. But leaders must adapt any such mechanisms to suit their organization (Elbrahim, 2010). The overall idea of an effective mechanism for nonprofit HCO is the fact that the decision is in best interest of its staff, patients, the community, and families. Assessments/surveys is the number one thing I see that is used due to the fact that the person filling it out is completely anonymous while being honest. Nonprofit organizations seeking to amplify the voices of clients face decisions about selecting the right combination of mechanisms as they aim to implement tools and processes conducive to the local operating environment of the nonprofit (Winberry, 2017).


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Not all communities are equally made up of individuals who have the means to support their needs financially. Knickman & Kovner states, “HCO governing boards may include physicians and others knowledgeable about health care delivery, experts who understand finance and banking, individuals who can help raise resources to support the organization, and others who represent patients and community interests” (2019, p. 345). Board of directors are critical to the functioning of the organization and are ultimately the ones held accountable if they do not act in the best interest of the organization.

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