1) What role does religion play in political decision making social control?

2) Should there be welfare and are they fair to all.

3) Should we seperate church and state in public schools.


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1) What role does religion play in political decision-making social control?

Religion plays a role in political decision-making on social control in several ways: 1) promoted through the religious values and principles of those in power 2) in countries with strong political -religious links e.g., Northern Ireland religious value of social control direct the political decisions, to name a couple.

For example, social and political institutions linked to religion foster bipolar societies in both Northern Ireland and Québec. In Northern Ireland, Protestants and Catholics attend separate schools and churches, rarely intermarry, and live in separate neighborhoods for physical and psychological protection; religion preserves each group’s way of life (Whyte 1990; Keogh and Haltzel 1994). In Canada, religious affiliation promoted distinct life-styles, as economic differences and parochial schools reinforced religious and linguistic polarization, bearing in mind the political salience of religion in Québec has declined drastically since 1960s while it remains a central concern in Northern Ireland. Thus, decisions of social control would reflect those of religious values and principles. http://www.gmu.edu/academic/pcs/bryce.htm

Today, religion has more salience as a social category in Northern Ireland than in Québec. In Northern Ireland, religious difference tends to create a moral rejection of compromise. In Québec, religious differences historically helped maintain relatively peaceful coexistence, since the Catholic Church advocated acceptance of Canada in exchange for a level of cultural autonomy at the provincial level. Ironically, the decline of religion’s importance in Québec may increase the potential for intergroup conflict, as Québécois identification switched from the church to the province without reducing the importance of linguistic differences. http://www.gmu.edu/academic/pcs/bryce.htm…….


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