1. What is the public’s view of the U.S. health care system?

2. How was that perception shaped by the insurers?

3. How was that perception shaped by provider groups?

4. How was that perception shaped by the purchasers of healthcare.

5. Has managed care influenced or changed the ways in which healthcare providers make medical decisions? Why or why not?

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1. What is the public’s view of the U.S. health care system?

The public’s view is reported in various ways. Public polls are one way, but public opinion polls are often a product of the type of question asked and may not be a good representative of the population at large. Thus, research and other media coverage are also necessary for a more representative perception of public opinion.

Taken together, despite Americans’ willingness to say they are “satisfied” with their health care plans, they harbor a lot of worries about the future—about treatment that could be denied them, about costs that could ruin them, and about loss of coverage—that make health care a tremendously potent political issue. Teixeira (2005) reports that HMOs are therefore whistling in the dark when they try to convince politicians that people don’t care. On the contrary, not only is the public likely to look unfavorably on those who stand in the way of a patients’ bill of rights, they are likely to demand more change even if such a bill actually passes. In that case, HMO lobbyists will be scrambling for new arguments—though if past experience is any guide, they will rely on the misrepresentation and misuse of polling data to make their case. (Copyright © 2005 by The American Prospect, Inc. Preferred Citation: Ruy Teixeira, “Happy with Health Care?”, The American Prospect Online, Nov 30, 0002. (For full article see http://www.prospect.org/web/printfriendly-view.ww?id=4459)

Mainly as a result of managed care in 1990s, the healthcare system is perceived…………………….

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