1. What is the best way to develop, introduce, regulate, provide access, and pay for new health technologies in the 21st century?
Provide examples from popular press or scholarly journal articles to back up your analysis.

2. Discuss the evaluation of medical technologies.
Provide examples of at least two evaluation methods that have been discussed either in popular press or scholarly journals.


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In medical technologies no matter how strong or weak the theoretical justification is the decisive factor is the practical significance. If in practice a technology is clearly superior or inferior than the ones currently present only then its worth adopting or rejecting. Classical model of research and development of medical technology involves certain steps in the development and adoption of new technology. It starts with basic research that is theory driven not mission oriented. This is followed by Applied Research, Targeted Research and Clinical Testing. The new approach should be mission driven. A key area of need should be identified first. Incentives should be of paramount importance as they drive decision making. It must take in to consideration the economic elements too. Clinical testing should be performed first, with generation of adequate data pool that helps …

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