1. Identify and discuss 3 future trends and challenges of HR management?
2. Identify and discuss 3 retention and quality of life trends of HR management?


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Let’s take a closer look at some of the trends in HR.

1). Name 3 future trends and challenges of HR management.

The following four future trends and challenges of HR management are:

1. Jargon Gone:

Many look forward to a world in which the term, human resources, goes the way of the personnel department, terminology that implies paperwork and rulemaking to me. Words such as termination, appraisal, “my people” (from a supervisor), talent management, knowledge management, human assets, and human capital are high on my delete list, too. Can you tell me what human capital is, in a way in which your organization’s employees will feel good about this definition of their contribution? This means rethinking one’s profession and the language used by HR professionals. (Source: http://humanresources.about.com/od/humanresourcesstrategic/l/aahrfour_trends.htm)

2. Potential Future Labor Shortages

According to a report by Eric Snyder of TCM, Recruiting for Canada’s Future Public Service: Changing the System, “… the youth population is decreasing; by 2010, the retiring population will outnumber youth, creating conditions for major labor shortages. Private sector firms already talk about a ‘war for talent.’ Every day, newspapers predict a shortage of candidates for professional and skilled employment” (Source: …

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