Students are required to write a well-researched essay on one of the given topics:
1. Forming from Abstract Expressionism, Happenings were meant to pull art out of the autonomous space of
the canvas in order to “blur art and life.” Process art countered the permanence and structural stability of
Minimalism, and Earthworks developed as part of an anti-formalist revolt against painting and sculpture.
Using one work/movement to illustrate your argument, consider how artists rejected previous art forms and
approaches in favour of new processes and mediums.

Your essay should be 1500 words (approximately 6-7 double spaced typed pages), and will include an introduction,

main text, conclusion, a bibliography (with 5-7 sources aprox.), and Xeroxed images of the work you discuss. No
extra spaces between paragraphs and 1’’ margins. Endnotes or footnotes must conform to MLA or the Chicago Style.
You must also cite your sources. Plagiarism is not allowed! If you are unsure of this term, please see me before
you start your essay. Citations must conform to MLA Style. Papers will be evaluated on form (spelling, punctuation,
grammar and syntax) and content. This includes: the quality of thesis statement, clarity and logic of the argument
presented, and appropriate analysis of the artwork(s) considered. Your paper is intended to represent original
research and critical thinking and should not just summarize material already presented in class. All late essays will
receive a 10% deduction for every day it’s late.
This assignment is not intended as a biographical study of an artist or a general survey of his/her career highlights.
Instead this is meant to be a critical and analytical engagement with specific work(s) from an artists’ oeuvre, requiring
creativity, research and interpretation. Students are expected to root their analyses in specific works and within
contemporaneous social and historical tensions. All artworks discussed should have been produced between 1960
and 2000.
Further tips
• On quoting sources: When you cite an author, be sure to analyze the quote carefully, clarifying how and why it fits
into your argument. (Papers littered with quotes and no analysis or synthesis will receive lower grades.)
• Be sure to edit. Points will be deducted for poor grammar and awkward writing.


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