Based upon your analysis of the issues and opportunities facing InterClean, respond to the following questions:

· What is the desired end state for InterClean? What does InterClean want to become?

· What is the key human capital challenge that InterClean must overcome to achieve this desired end state?

What is your one-sentence problem statement for InterClean, Inc.?

How does this problem statement address the key concepts in the mind map?

What text concepts from Dreher & Dougherty have you used to help you evaluate the situation and craft your problem statement?

What are the SMART end-state goals that support your problem statement?

How will you measure the success of solving this problem?

Solution Preview

The response addresses the queries posted in 1014 words with references.

// In order to start such a paper; it is essential that we must understand the case. Here, the Organization involved is InterClean. We have to apply the key concepts of ‘strategic human resources’ in the perspective of this Organization. But before starting, we must first, begin with a short introduction. Like this: //


InterClean is a company that deals with industrial cleaning and sanitation. It has a good team of employees and a skilled technical work force which has probably led to the success of the company. It serves the customers from all the sectors and provides efficient, professional and high quality services to its clients. The company properly caters to the needs of its customers and has a well formed sales department. It looks forward in the future to develop effective HR policies and guidelines for its employees and aims at strategic human capital development. The needs and requirements of the customers are changing and they need solutions and services that help in meeting the environmental safety requirements (InterClean, Inc. Scenario, 2008).

// We would now analyze the issues and opportunities facing InterClean. Firstly, we would discuss the vision of the Company. In describing the vision, we would discuss the desired end state for InterClean. We’ll focus on what the Organization wants to become.//

Vision of InterClean

The desired end state for InterClean focuses on the vision of the company and wants it to become an industry leader in the cleaning and sanitation industry. It also desires to acquire with Enviro Tech which is a leading solution based company in the corporate world. This will help in increasing the profitability of the company and will also help in establishing the dominance of the company in the solution based market. It wants to develop it competitive strength and analyze the opportunities available in the market to earn high profits. It wants to become an organization with a well developed solution based sales department. The company is willing to take risk in order to expand and grow its business. It wants to fully emphasize on providing solution based services to its clients.

// Now, we’ll discuss the …

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